About us


Master Construction Solutions is privileged to introduce a range of products in the Indian market developed by a student of the famous scientist Albert Einstein. The object behind the invention was to overcome the age old problems that exist in concrete structures. In view of this, a radically new solution has been invented to prevent deterioration of concrete due to water moisture and damaging elements such as corrosives entering and percolating through concrete. Research led to the discovery of a radical catalyst working in the inner matrix of concrete. By spraying the concrete with water followed by Super Seal 3000 with a high pressure sprayer it is able to penetrate deep into new and old concrete. Thus producing a hydrogel as an extension of the naturally occurring gel and polymer strands. These are the binders that are holding concrete together produced by the hydration of cement. Our revolutionary range of Super Seal products provide advanced Nanotechnology concrete solutions that penetrate the concrete thus providing a solution that is Effective, Efficient, Economical and Everlasting.

Our nano technology based Super Seal range of products address problems such as Water and Moisture penetration, Chloride & Corrosion protection, Cracking / Spalling and resistance to Dusting and Abrasion, Salts, Effluents and Acids.

Concrete being porous in nature absorbs water into all cavities and honeycomb areas up to the entire depth of the slab. Our flagship product Super Seal 3000 penetrates deep into the cementatious concrete matrix using water as a carrier. By utilizing internal free water and alkaline components of the concrete it makes an extensive impermeable hydrogel barrier inside the concrete. This process maximises hydration for increased concrete strength. It also prevents ingress and migration of moisture and damaging corrosives. The Super Seal 9000 is a clear coat binder which is a highly effective nano technology based waterproofing / oil repellent system that is a tough-curing liquid acrylic emulsion with aqueous dispersion and proprietary additives. It not only penetrates the pores of the concrete, but also leaves a glossy film on top that serves as a highly effective waterproofing barrier. This also serves as a coating for various surfaces while providing toughness, abrasion and heat resistance. It can be applied on many inorganic substrates with excellent adhesion such as stone, concrete, wood, ceramic, tile and metal etc.

The Super Seal Range of products not only lasts as long as the concrete but greatly extends its service life and performance.